Escort Agency Website Design

baby4tonightThe most important investment an Escort Agency need to make is in their website, this is where your clients will find you and the first impression they will get of you.

All of our Escort Agency Websites are beautifully designed to suit you needs. We assure you that our Escort Agency Websites will make your escort agency look and feel professional in what you do.

Our websites are also packed with great features such as, CMS (Content management system – update content yourself), SEO Layout, and many integrated components to make the management of your website very simple, stress free and professional.

What we include in our Escort Agency website design package at R8,600

  • The very latest in design layout & presentation and to top it all a custom unique design.
  • Ability to manage, edit, create, delete unlimited escort profiles.
  • Pages:
    • Home page
    • About Us
    • Island-Companions---Upmarket-Escorts-MaurituisServices and Rates,
    • FAQs,
    • Image gallery (Venue & Escorts),
    • Contact me (Book now & contact me forms & Directions),
    • Links and banner exchanges page.
  • All websites are designed for maximum search engine optimisation results.
  • Content managed by you, so no more paying for webmasters.
  • Upload, add or delete images from your galleries any time you like.
  • Our full professional support throughout the whole process

The cost of the above Escort Agency Website package is only R8,600 (for examples click images on the right side) which is much lesser than any of our competitors and we offer much more. A website built to our high standard usually takes about 2 weeks to complete to your specific requests.

Extra features

More great features that can be added to your escort agency website:

  • Great on-line shop. (You can sell what you like with this feature.)
  • Google map with route planner. (Great feature to show your clients where you are or where you plan to meet. They can enter their details and will get a route plan automatically.)
  • EbonyAvailability calendar. (So you can have your schedule online, you don’t have to show what you’re doing but times that you won’t be available for bookings.)
  • Comment and review area, you control all comments and reviews.
  • Your own forum or blog.
  • Sign up for Newsletter form.
  • Private members area.
  • Automated twitter or Facebook area. (Your twitter or Facebook comments will appear on your website automatically after submitting.)

Escort banner design service

You will need a banner for banner exchanges and/or featured ad’s on specific Escort & Parlour directories. It needs to be eye catching to stand out from the others.

Banners come in many different sizes. If you are not sure what size you need, contact us and tell us where they will be going and we will sort it out for you. We will design it to suit your style and what you offer.

MOT EscortsOnly R150 for a sexy new banner design, please contact me with the details and i will get back to you as soon as possible.

The development process

Here are some details on how the development process of your escort website will go. The main thing for us is to obtain as many details from you as possible to make sure it’s exactly how you want it. I will help you as much as I can through the whole process but don’t worry, it’s very simple.

Firstly when you have decided on which service you want and agreed on cost, the order is confirmed with a 50% of the cost deposit, once that has been cleared we will start work right away.

A few tips to make the process run smoothly

  • Give me as much information as you can regarding what you want, it’s best to send me some links to websites that you really like so I have something to go on regarding your style.
  • If you don’t have a website already that we can take information from, please get this together as soon as possible, we’ll help you with anything you need.
  • Elite-World-EscortsIf you haven’t chosen a domain name already, please do so or contact us for help.
  • If you don’t have photos already, you will have to organise this and send them to me with any specifications (Some photo tips below) the photos make your website so be creative, the better the photos the more impressive your site & will look.

Photos tips

Here are a few tips for taking your own photos.

  • Have a good idea on how you want your pictures to look, it might help if you looked through some glossy magazines for a few ideas.
  • Be creative and have a bit of fun whilst doing them, it comes through very well in photos.
  • Use a few props, anything you like but think about what your potential clients would like to see.
  • Make sure your escorts are dressed well.
  • Good ambiance in the room is important but don’t have it too dark, you will lose picture quality.
  • Always use high resolution if you can, it will give me more to work with if i want to use some details in a design.

I’ll mention it again because it’s very important to your success, be creative and always think of new ways to promote your escort agency with your photos. You need to catch the eye of your potential clients and photos are the way to do it.

Web Hosting

We will integrate your new website with your current web hosting company (if you have one). Additionally, we can analyze your current hosting solution and present alternatives that may be able to provide better service at a lower rate. Please ensure your web hosting meets the following specifications;

We can provide suitable hosting and 3 email addresses at R75 per month (Payable upfront for 12 months).